Please see below the ongoing archive of resources offered by our collective to assist white and white-passing colleagues in engaging with antiracist practices in theatre, performance and dance. 

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Subject level resources

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Subject LEVEL CRITiCAL Resources
Contemporary Dance and Whiteness

The project’s aim is to explore racism in contemporary dance and to critique whiteness as part of a commitment to the field’s anti-racist futures. 

Enactments of Power

Ngugi wa Thiong'o (1998) explores the politics of performance space; the struggle between the artist and the state for the control of performance space 

DSA: anti-racist dance pedagogy

A growing resource of articles, essays, documents, and social media on antiracism in dance. 

Notes on Decolonizing Embodiment

Ben Spatz (2019) examination of the concept of embodied arts and its potential to exceed and productively destabilize theatrical scholarship

Decolonising Theatre

Samuel Ravengai (2018) Subverting the Western Dramaturgical Frame in Zimbabwean Theatre and Performance

Decolonizing American Theatre Design

American Theatre design 




Weather, Whiteness, Work



Part 1 of the TaPRA Exec Curated Panel on Insitutional (Anti)Racism - September 2021

A manifesto to decentre theatre & performance

This urgent manifesto by Swati Arora proposes a few ways of decolonizing the university - particularly in a UK context. 

DSA: black dance research by black scholars

#CiteBlackDanceScholars. Cite the list. Teach the list. Honort he lineages in this list. Contribution to this list. 

The Dance Union Town Hall for Collective Action

Youtube hosted Zoom call of the Dance Union on Collective action 

Decolonizing performance philosophies

Melissa Blanco Borelli, Anamaría Tamayo Duque, Cristina Fernandes Rosa (2020) Research in Latin America and epistemologies of the global south.

Design is a political act 

Designer Rosie Elnile (2020) argues theatre sets perpetuate the sensibilities of long-dead writers, not those of today’s audiences,  

Black Acting Methods

Sharrell Luckett, Tia M. Shaffer (2016) offers alternatives to the Euro-American performance styles; addresses afrocentric processes and aesthetics, 

TaPRA Exec Curated Panel 2021: Part 2

Part 2 of the panel on Insitutional (Anti)Racism, presented as part of the TaPRA Annual Conference 2021

Decolonising Theatre and Performance Studies

This article by Sruti Bala draws on the author's pedagogical practice to examine what the process of decolonizing means for theatre and performance studies.

Decolonizing Immersion

This article by Royona Mitra decolonises hitherto Anglophonic theorising of the audience phenomenon of immersion 

Theatre/Dance/Performance studies is too white

PDF: The text of a presentation by Roberta Mock, as part of a London Theatre Seminar roundtable, on 2 May 2019.

Decolonizing Performance Research

Virginie Magnat (2016) examines  Anglo-American performance paradigm and epistemological / methodological implications of the “performance turn” 

Actions for an Antiracist programme

Powerpoint designed for white and white-passing colleagues in theatre and performance to offer insights into global majority voices and ideas for teaching

Decolonizing Scenography

Talk with Rachel Hann and Rosie Elnile on approaches to decolonising scenography  by moving beyond ideas of 'empty space'

Subject LEVEL Creative Resources
Prayer (2020)
by Rosie Elnile

Online installation on decolonizing stage design that looks to dismantle colonial story structures and engender collective acts of imagination.

Black Theatre Live

Black touring theatre in the UK

Contemporary Playwrights of Colour

The goal of this site is to act as a resource to expand knowledge and understanding of American playwrights of color and the canon of plays they have generated.

Building the Anti-Racist Classroom Workshop

Anti-Racist Classroom Collective of women of colour scholars-activists, this guide emerges from their workshops aiming to strategise for anti-racist praxis.

Black Plays Archive

National Theatre’s Black Plays Archive is a catalogue of the first professional production of every African, Caribbean, and Black British play produced in the U.K. 

Whiteness and White Privilege

Definitions from Radical Equity Tools

White accomplices

The ideas captured on this website, very much a work in progress, have been developed to support White people to act for racial justice. 

Cultivating humility in antiracism education

DiAngelo and Özlem Sensoy (2014) three strategies that we have developed out of our own practice as white educators who work in university and community settings,

Race Reflections

DISRUPTIVE articles and think pieces. It is Race Reflections’ contents offers thought leadership on understanding inequality, injustice and oppression.

The Characteristics of White Supremacy culture

Showing up for racial justice:  The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively 

Building the anti-racist university: a tool-kit

This toolkit was produced by the Centre for Ethnicity and Racism Studies in 2002.

Witnessing Whiteness

TED Talk: Psychologist Howard C. Stevenson. If we hope to heal the racial tensions that threaten to tear the fabric of society apart, 

Accomplices Not Allies

Ingienous Action: Abolishing the Ally Industrial Complex. The term ally has been rendered ineffective and meaningless.

Free Racialized Trauma Course

Hosted as a series of videos, cultural somatics offers this free racialized trauma programme, which includes tasks and exercises for unlearning,

GENERAL ACAdemic articles
Confronting White privilege

Kalwant Bhopal (2020) on the importance of intersectionality in the sociology of education for British Jounral of Sociology of Education 

RHS: Race, Ethnicity and Equality in UK History 

This Royal Historical Society report (2018) examines obstacles to racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion in UK university History departments 

BSA: Race and Ethnicity in British Sociology Report

This report examines the place of race and ethnicity in UG Sociology degree courses and considers the issues and barriers to the teaching of race and ethnicity.

Miseducation: decolonising curricula, culture and etc

This report by Mia Liyanage (2020) addresses common misconceptions about decolonisation and recommends practical steps towards its implementation.

 Manifesta of Screams

Lamiyah Barainwala (2019) explores how white fragility filters into life-threatening interactions and catalogues their screams in response to white violence.

Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools

This Runnymede Trust report by Remi Joseph-Salisbury (2020) addresses race and racism in England's secondary schools.

opinion pieces / blogs
Love while challenging racist behavior

Here are some tips to develop a strategy to support individuals and groups move through these kinds of challenges in a way that bridges people’s experience

What is an anti-racist reading list for?

An anti-racist reading list means well. How could it not with some of the finest authors, scholars, poets, and critics? Still, I am left to wonder: Who is this for? 

Surviving Society

A political podcast ft. academics, students and activists reflecting on the importance of anti-racist and public sociology. 

Breaking open: the work of listening in a racist world

Rajni Shah on Acts of Listening Lab. Including  personal reflections on their own embodied experiences as a non-binary person of colour

Citation Practices

Consider what you might want to change about your academic citation practices. Who do you choose to link and re-circulate in your work? Who gets erased? 

'Diversity' is a White Word

Tania Cañas (2017) The superficial scramble for cultural diversity is not addressing the deep causes of exclusion and the power imbalance in the arts.